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Evaluation of foreign educational credentials.

World Credential Diagnostics (WCD) specializes in the evaluation of educational credentials of foreign nationals seeking admission into US colleges and universities. With our staff of well-qualified professionals, we provide evaluations of educational credentials abroad to show equivalence in the United States. Credentials received from foreign educational institutions are compared to degrees from educational institutions in the United States (Examples: Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degree programs). Individuals seeking evaluation should mail notarized copies of the originals of their credentials to our agency. Originals are requested when extensive research is needed to complete the evaluation.

Helping you succeed is our primary objective. We guarantee the efficiency of our services. Our satisfied clients include educational institutions across the nation, licensing agencies, prominent firms and major corporations in various industries including private, government and public. Our firm evaluates for all Dallas County Community Colleges. We also evaluate for accredited universities and colleges in the US.

WCD is a member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA).

Food Safety Training

Foodborne pathogens cause food related diseases to tens of millions of people and kill thousands. The nature of food and the extent to which it is handled provides opportunity for contamination. Restaurants must have a state accredited training program in place to prevent most cases of foodborne illnesses.

It is easier for restaurants to manage employee training needs with World Credential Diagnostics. We are currently working with a variety of restaurants and have the tools to satisfy your staff.

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