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Restaurant Employees

If you are looking for a job and are interested in working with food or serving customers, there are many open positions in restaurants for you. Below is a list of different types of jobs with descriptions that we offer. We also provide classroom and online training for these jobs and upon completion, you are awarded a certificate that will be accepted by your local jurisdiction. Call our office if you are interested in any of the following positions.

Manager: The restaurant manager works flexible hours and manages the daily operations, including staff, scheduling, organization, Cleanliness, and product quality. The manager trains food employees on food safety techniques. The manager must have excellent communication and people skills. The manager must have the ability to multitask.

Chef: The head chef oversees the operations of a kitchen. The chef has the ability to create food that can entice and excite people. The chef usually has talents to prepare unique delicious meals. He/She decides the menu specials for the restaurant. Cooks and all other kitchen staff normally work under the supervision of a chef.

Cook: Cooks spend time prepping, Chopping and cleaning the area around them. Cooks prepare food for immediate consumption or held at the right temperature for later service. A cook should have the ability to stand in hot limited spaces for long hours.

Bartender: Bartenders mix drinks for bar patrons and servers. They are responsible for stocking the bar and keeping it clean. They are sometimes required to lift beer cases, wine cases and other heavy objects.

Host: The host is the first point of contact for customers. The host makes reservations and seats customers upon arrival. The host should have clean attire and should be able to stand for long stretches of hours.

Server: It is the responsibility of a server to cater to customer’s needs when they arrive at the restaurant to when they are leaving. When greeting customers, servers have to maintain a positive facial expression to set the mood for an excellent service. Servers have to memorize the menu of the restaurant. They take orders from customers and take food to tables. Servers must maintain clean attire.

Pastry cook: Pastry cooks are culinary professionals. They specialize in preparing a variety of baked goods and ice creams. Examples are breads, cakes, cookies, pies and desserts.

Cashier: The duties of a cashier include punching numbers into a cash register. The cashier should have the ability to stand for long hours near hot grills and ovens. The cashier should be familiar with the menu and should be ready to assist the wait staff during peak hours.

Dishwasher: dishwashers are responsible for making sure dishes, pots, trays and pans are cleaned on a daily basis. Dishwashers must know how to wash utensils manually in a 3-compartment sink. They must also know how to operate a dish machine. Dishwashers are required to take out trash and supply garbage cans with new garbage bags. They are required to sweep the floor and keep the dining area clean.

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