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Document-by-Document Evaluation.

This report names and describes each academic document and at the same time, provides its equivalence. This type of evaluation is perfect for freshman admission, employment and immigration purposes.

Please check with the institution, or agency, which you will be submitting evaluated documents to determine if a document by document evaluation meets their requirements.

Course-by-Course Evaluation.

This evaluation is an expanded document-by-document evaluation. Here, the evaluation shows courses, grades, and credit equivalents in U.S terms for university level study abroad. This evaluation is required for educational transfer cases (transfer into a U.S college or university), professional certification/licensing.


Processing your application may take time if extensive research is needed. During this time, academic credentials submitted for evaluation will be carefully reviewed and checked to ensure validity and accreditation.

Please note that if unofficial or copies of your credentials are submitted for evaluation, it may take up to two months to complete the evaluation process. In these cases, we have to contact the institution you attended with your assistance to request for the original documents. If you submit fraudulent documents for evaluation, the institution requesting the evaluation will be notified and you may face criminal charges.


There are no refunds with the exception when a client pays an amount that exceeds required amount for the services rendered. Only the amount that exceeds the required amount will be refunded.

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